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Wild & Homegrown - Pop-up Supper Clubs new for 2023!

If you have been with me for a while, or have been to any of my previous events, you will know how important good food is to me, I grow much of our food at home and have always been passionate about ensuring I am nourishing my body as best I can.

I care deeply about trying to have as low an impact as possible in terms of my consumption. As well as growing my own fruit & vegetables, I like to add foraged foods to my diet, it doesn't get much more seasonal than picking things from the fields, forests and hedgerows to add to your plate.

And so....... In collaboration with some very special friends, "Wild & Homegrown" was born.

Pop-up Supper Clubs sourcing food as locally as we possibly can, small intimate gatherings with like-minded souls, bonding over a hedgerow cordial cocktail (or mocktail), the food will be seasonal, local and there will always be wild harvested foraged elements to every dish.

Stay tuned for the dates!

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