Foraging & Plant Medicine

Join me for a foraging day from my home in the New Forest, we will start the day with introductions and refreshments, before a quick recap on some of the basic rules of foraging.

Then we set out to gather wild food and herbs from the surrounding fields, forests and hedgerows before returning to create a delicious meal to share. All the food is plant based and can be adapted to meet your dietary requirements.

Details for each day will differ depending on the time of year and you will be given detailed instructions on what to bring prior to attending. My aim is that you leave feeling confident identifying wild food and herbs to strengthen your connection to nature and support your wellbeing.

Investment £50 per person

I can create bespoke and personalised foraging experiences for groups and families, get in touch for more information.

Schedule - Spring & Summer

24 April 2022 Spring Foraged Feasts

Cleanse and nourish with the vibrant flavours of Spring, we will focus on leaves and some early flowers at this high energy time of year. 


1 May 2022 Beltane Medicinal Herbs & Flowers

Explore the medicinal properties of the wild plants around you as we prepare teas, tinctures and treats to support your wellbeing.


31 July 2022 Summer Foraged Feasts

Celebrate the onset of high Summer with a nourishing and delicious foraged feast.


"A Weed is just a plant that's in the wrong place"

One of the non-negotiables in my day is getting outside.

Regardless of where I am living I have always prioritised finding some green space, whether a park, a forest, a public garden or even a bit of grass verge. Taking a few deep breaths with the trees is one of the ways I stay calm, and connected to my roots, to the earth. It's easy to feel overwhelmed in the modern world, so taking even just five minutes out of your day to connect with nature around you is one of the most simple ways to nourish your mental wellbeing.

I don't believe you need to live in a rural location to forage for wild food. Some of the most beneficial plants you can gather, are those plants we class as weeds - nettles, dandelions, and brambles. These are just as readily available in parks and gardens as in the countryside.

You can access my free downloadable top tips to start foraging here.