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Lotus Photography UK 20200805 Rachael Yo

I am here to help you connect to self-love, align with your purpose, re-wilding through nourishing movement and nature.


I am a firm believer in healing through our connection with our breath, our bodies and the natural world.

This theme permeates everything I do, from my organic and intuitive flowing yoga classes, to my home-grown and foraged vegetarian and plant-based recipes and my wildcrafted plant medicine. These are all things which have helped me through difficult times and I want to share them with you.

So many of us spend hours in front of a screen, our bodies in an unnatural position, our spines suffering, our natural rhythms distorted by the incessant exposure to blue light, I invite you to re-wild, re-connect with nature, with yourself and explore the profound changes you will experience through a few simple changes.

I am so pleased you are here to join me on the journey.

Welcome, Wild Ones

"Wild - living or growing in the natural environment, not domesticated"
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